Who’s on your team?


Who makes up your team? Who stands at the fence, on the edge of their seat cheering you on? Who sits quietly in their lawn chair and prays silently for your success each at bat? Who simply makes sure you feel supported and loved?

I learned a long time ago that a team can make or break your success. This realization morphed from knowing that with more daisy pickers than not- your youth team was doomed to understanding that your high school and college teammates were your kin in everything from pregame rituals to post loss tears. Then as life evolved, so did my team.

Without my team now, I would be lost. Not lost as in I can’t find my left batting glove lost but like I would have a lost child, unfed dog, dirty house and he useless lost. My team is large and strategic.  As young adults, especially those whom have been surrounded by like-minded teammates most of our lives, I think we all struggle a bit to find who our team in life is at first.  I have many friends, many connections but they aren’t all my team. I’ve learned as my years go on and as I need my team more, that I must choose strategically who these key players are in my life.


It sounds complicated, but it’s really not. I need people who love me for me. Who accept that I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. I need people who are positive and think positive. I don’t have time for negativity, I just don’t.  I don’t have time to be catty. I don’t do girl drama- it annoys me.  I need people to push me- I respond to that. Challenge me, make me be better. I need people who just get me- to not have to explain myself, to just know when I need a hug or a nudge forward.  And so, I have found these people. Some are quiet bystanders whom I work with or see daily whom honestly and whole heartedly want my success. Some of them are my trainers and coaches. Some are my family near and far.  Some will leave my team; some will be there until the end. And that’s ok. Because I’m sure in 10 years, I’ll need different things than I need now but I’ll still need a team.  And so do you.

Find your team. Find who supports you, who cheers you on and who wants you to succeed. Share your goals. Find people to train with. Find people to talk to. Find people to drink wine with. Find people to clean your house, make you do 700 squats and burpees, to meet up with for a girl’s night, to split chicken parm with.  Find them. They are out there and you probably already have some.  Now be thankful for them and trust them to support you.

Although my context of team is clearly training and sports related, because that’s who I am, I learned these past few years that that’s not all your team is for. My amazing team has rallied with me these past few years, especially. They scheduled girl’ nights to keep me busy when I had spent hours at the hospital watching my sister endure things no one should have to. They delivered gift baskets and rejoiced with me when she got married. They bought my family gift cards for dinners when I might have to leave to be with her.  They sent me emails and text messages; they invited me for runs and spin classes. They were there when it mattered. Not on the athletic field, not out on the tri course with me, but in life.  That’s why I need a team and so do you. Go find them.



Jana Grant

About Jana Grant

I am a qualified, and I like to think fairly skilled, Occupational Therapist specializing in geriatrics and hospice care. I have an undergraduate degree from Springfield College in Springfield, MA in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies and a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy from Springfield College as well. Prior to that, I was a standout student-athlete from Bucksport High School- later following my passion and skill of softball onto Springfield at the collegiate level.