It’s your journey, share away!


In several realms of conversation lately, I’ve heard comments and opinions regarding sharing workout accomplishments or ventures. You’ve all seen those obligatory Garmin pictures with your miles and pace for the day or those instagrams of you and your friends covered in mud labeled “post-race selfie!” Now, being a fitness blogger- I have to say it should not be a surprise that I’m kind of a fan.   Don’t get me wrong, I get annoyed by the over-sharer too. No, I don’t need to know how many sets and reps of what weights and exactly how many macros you had for breakfast.  But, yay you! You got out there and did something! And if you can motivate someone to do the same, all the power to you. And to your 150 macros and 17 reps too.

Some people literally post every workout. And that’s ok. If you need to keep yourself accountable and motivated then please, share. Some people never post a work out. That’s ok.  If you have no reason to share that you ran 6 miles today with anyone other than your 10 mile running husband, that’s ok too.  The point here, in case it wasn’t obvious, is that it’s all ok. No matter what kind of fitness you’re doing, whether your sharing or not sharing, its ok.   And as athletes and compassionate human beings, we should all be ok with that.  It’s the fact that we’re not that makes me compelled to write this.

I personally don’t care that my facebook post sharing my really proud moment of running 5 miles on a Saturday morning offends you. What I do care about, are that there are people that do care and will stop posting and stop being held accountable because of you.  Whether is annoyance, jealousy, dislike of physical activity or some other reason that makes a work out post turn your stomach- try to be a little more OK with it because the person posting that did not post for you. They posted for them, for their self-esteem, for their motivation but also for someone else’s. So that the woman doubting herself can see me out there sweating my butt off and believe she can too.

I recently got an email from my gym, basically wondering if I fell off the wagon and was living on my couch because I hadn’t used my swipe card recently. I first wanted to pen back an annoyed email that said “No you fools, its triathlon season in Maine as well as Little League season and ain’t nobody got time for driving across town to a sweaty gym right now.” But, I reminded myself- it was likely a generic email and really, did I care that they thought I fell off the wagon? And the answer was no. So what if it’s been three weeks since I have deadlifted and bench pressed- its ok. Instead I have been swimming, biking, running, boot camping and coaching tee ball. And that’s ok. It’s so easy to be shamed into feeling poorly about yourself, your workouts, your fitness.  Which I guess brings my point of this post to a head.  We are hard enough on ourselves, we don’t need outside critics too.

So, the next time you have a sharp tongue for your coworker who is gushing about her 5am boot camp. Consider congratulating her not rolling your eyes. Let’s celebrate each other’s achievements big or small and not shame, cut down and dismiss them instead. Because every 5 min walk on a treadmill is an achievement that to someone might be just what they needed.

Jana Grant

About Jana Grant

I am a qualified, and I like to think fairly skilled, Occupational Therapist specializing in geriatrics and hospice care. I have an undergraduate degree from Springfield College in Springfield, MA in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies and a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy from Springfield College as well. Prior to that, I was a standout student-athlete from Bucksport High School- later following my passion and skill of softball onto Springfield at the collegiate level.