New Year, Same You?

New Year, Same You?


I’m always a little conflicted when New Year’s resolution time rolls around. I believe fully in setting goals, making a plan and working towards a better you. But I’m not a fan of setting inflated goals that you’ll forget in 2 weeks.  I’m not a fan of saying you’ll do a complete 180 degree turn in your fitness and health routines just because it’s a new year.   What makes January 1st so special?

But, if it’s going to be special and 2019 is going to be your year, I think there are some rules you should live by.

  1. Be true to you! If you love meat, don’t expect becoming a vegan to be your thing. If you hate running, I wouldn’t set that marathon goal. You can improve without losing who you are.
  2. Find what is going to keep you motivated. Don’t do it because someone called you fat. Don’t do it because people think fit is a thing now. Do it because you have that desire, that strength inside you. Find what makes you dig deep and go there.
  3. Expect you will not be perfect. I know, I will still eat pizza and drink tequila in 2019. I’m just planning to drink a few more protein shakes after my workouts instead of bagels and pack some more salads for lunch.   I will not be perfect, but I’m striving to be better at this nutrition thing.
  4. If your not having fun, change it up. It won’t all be rainbows and roses, but it should be exciting and fun sometimes! I don’t love running those long miles on my own, but I can say I enjoy every single group run I’ve been on. If it wasn’t fun, I wouldn’t keep coming back! If you’ve done 6 weeks of spin class and you still say you hate spin class, get off that bike and try Zumba or water aerobics or whatever you do think is fun!!

So that’s it. I’m not a New Year’s expert. I’m still learning how this fitness for life thing works, but I can tell you I’m pretty successful at setting goals, crushing them and going back for more and this is how I did it.   I havn’t lost 100 pounds or won any marathons- but then again, those weren’t my goals.


Jana Grant

About Jana Grant

I am a qualified, and I like to think fairly skilled, Occupational Therapist specializing in geriatrics and hospice care. I have an undergraduate degree from Springfield College in Springfield, MA in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies and a Master of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy from Springfield College as well. Prior to that, I was a standout student-athlete from Bucksport High School- later following my passion and skill of softball onto Springfield at the collegiate level.