It’s your journey, share away!

                                   In several realms of conversation lately, I’ve heard comments and opinions regarding sharing workout accomplishments or ventures. You’ve all seen those obligatory Garmin pictures with your miles and pace for the day or those instagrams of you and your friends covered in mud labeled “post-race selfie!” Now, being a fitness blogger- I have to […]

When The Inevitable Becomes Reality

When the inevitable becomes reality Although for years, deep in my gut I knew this day would come, I hoped, fought and prayed differently. Although I prepared myself for this time and this process, it still feels sureal. I knew we would lose her, for years I knew this. But now that I have, the […]

Who’s on your team?

Who makes up your team? Who stands at the fence, on the edge of their seat cheering you on? Who sits quietly in their lawn chair and prays silently for your success each at bat? Who simply makes sure you feel supported and loved? I learned a long time ago that a team can make […]